Electronic locks

Now opening the locker will take no more than a second, will provide the maximum level of security and reliability, increase the competitiveness of your establishment, and will also pleasantly surprise and attract new customers to your establishment.

Moreover, we propose to combine our electronic locks with an existing access control system or to supply ours. In any office there is an entrance door, doors to offices, cabinets with accounting documents or stationery, as well as wardrobes for employees' clothes.

              Each head of the organization wants to differentiate the access of employees to the rooms and closets where documents with confidential information are stored.  What would a simple manager have access to important accounting documents, contracts to which he has no relation and more.

But at the same time, so that the manager would have access to everything and one card or keyfob.

And, of course, completely prohibit the access of unauthorized persons to the premises, to the filing cabinets with documents and / or personal belongings of employees.

             Electronic locks can be used in fitness clubs, swimming pools, water parks, etc.

 Advantages of this scheme:

• Electronic locks provide maximum security and reliability of storage of personal belongings, exclude the possibility of thefts and burglaries.

• You can choose any locker or each key is linked to a specific locker (depending on the type of lock).

• Opening the locker takes less than a second

• Comfortable silicone bracelet made of durable materials and tightly placed on the wrist, without interfering during exercise

 • All electronic security locks, keys and cards are copy protected and moisture resistant

• The ability to combine our electronic locks with an existing security system

• When attempting to break, alarms are triggered and the signal goes to the host

• A variety of models and ease of use of electronic locks will help gain respect and positive emotions from your customers.