Google stops tracking users

The search giant has added a new feature that automatically deletes location history and web activity data associated with a Google account.

From now on, any Google user with a Gmail account can automatically delete their location and web history after 3 or 18 months. After inclusion, any data older than the specified period of time will be automatically deleted from the account on a permanent basis.

Google says it uses similar tracking practices to improve user experience. For example, location data can be used to recommend places of interest during a Google map search. However, many Google account owners simply do not know that the search company collects and stores people's personal data about which websites they visited or where they visited.

Confidentiality is becoming an increasingly serious problem in the technology industry as a whole, which can threaten to interfere with privacy without the knowledge of users. Companies such as Google expand their capabilities and give their users more control over their data. To take advantage of the privacy feature, we recommend that you visit the activity management settings of your Google account.

  • Google stops tracking users