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       1C Pharmacy Chain Management provides you with excellent opportunities for financial accounting. Control of cash and non-cash cash flow, analysis of the company's debt, as well as its timely change in connection with the payments made, etc. New development will allow you to carry out the most accurate and fast financial accounting.

       The pricing mechanism added the possibility of assigning pricing algorithms in the form of arbitrary queries to the information base (for example, "get the average purchase price for the last month ...") and in the form of arbitrary formulas ("Retail = Wholesale * 1.2"). The ability to calculate prices based on data from the database allows you to track data about the maximum price of the market based on the registered price data of competitors and the lowest possible price for the purchase of goods. In the future, these data are used to control prices in the sale of goods and purchase prices in the preparation of documents for sale and purchase.

        A mechanism for calculating automatic discounts (mark-ups) has been implemented, which allows you to customize the types of discounts under different conditions, as well as the rules for the simultaneous use of several discounts. Discounts can be assigned to a specific segment of the nomenclature both in percentage and in sum terms. The percentage and amount of the discount can be specified by price groups.


       The program allows for a comprehensive assessment of the customer base using the ABC / XYZ client classification. For ABC / XYZ classification of clients, the procedural task is applied. It can be performed according to a schedule that the user assigns. The program stores the history of the classification of customers. Based on it, a comprehensive analysis of the customer base (BCG) can be made for one of the classification parameters: revenue, gross profit or number of sales.


The subsystem is intended for planning:


  • sales volumes in physical and value terms, including on the basis of sales data for previous periods, information on current warehouse balances and customer orders received for the planned period;
  • selling prices, including on the basis of information on current prices of the company and competitors;
  • cost of sales, taking into account information about the prices of suppliers, the planned or actual cost of production for a certain period;

The order management functionality implemented in the system allows you to:

  • track order processing activities;
  • control the compliance of orders with the terms of trade agreements;
  • use the payment schedule for the customer's order, the schedule can be formed based on the selected calendar;
  • track the history of relationships with customers and suppliers;
  • evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of working with counterparties;

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1C Pharmacy Software

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