PH BLPS Wireless Glass Break Detector can be covered in the presence of plate, tempered and laminated glass. Through audio frequency of glass break detection and infra-sound impact analysis in its full spectrum, it can recognize the characteristic sound and sent the signal and trigger the alarm security system when glass is breaking, ideal for rooms with blinds, glass case, patio door, glass windows etc. Shock sensitive Will cover a large area of windows, It will be triggered by the sounds with the certain frequencies, It will not be fooled by the sound of pets, lightning, or any other sounds outside of its frequency range. Give you and your family more protection. 

Power requirements DC9V 7mA~8mA (While sending) 45uA(While monitor)
Working frequency 433±0.2Mhz

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PH BLPS wireless glass breaking detector with adapter

  • Brand: Patrol Hawk
  • Product Code: PH-BLPS
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  • 19.00₼

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