RBot is a human-controlled robot with some degree of autonomy. RBot is built on the basis of a two-wheeled chassis, moves at a speed of about 5km / h on a relatively flat surface and is able to overcome obstacles such as rapids and cable channels.

A set of sensors, sensor devices:

Stereo speakers
Touch monitor
802.11 b / g WiFi

communication interface:
(option - 802.11 a / b / g)
The required bandwidth of the Internet channel (intranet) - Outgoing / Incoming, Kbps Minimum: 512/512
Recommended: 1024/1024
Unlimited traffic
Maximum travel speed back and forth, km / h 3.2 km / h
Movable Head elements - 4th degrees of freedom
Wheels - 2nd Degree of Freedom
Camera Basic equipment:
Color Camera, 2 Megapixels
Resolution: up to 640x480
Speed: up to 25 fps
Monitor Color Touch Monitor
Size: 8 inches
Resolution: 800x600
Power supply Lead-acid batteries with a nominal voltage of 12 V
Basic equipment:
3 rechargeable batteries
Continuous operation time not less than 8 hours *
Full charge time Not more than 5 hours
Dimensions Height - 1.05 m
Diameter - 0.55 m
 Weight no more, kg 42 (in a basic complete set)
ABS body material plastic
Standard equipment:
Product Assembly
Charging station
WiFi 802.11 b / g access point
Additional options:
Stereo headset with microphone
8 ”touchscreen monitor
Server R.BOT
Transparent leaflet holders for printed materials (A4, A5, Euro format)
WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n access point
Individual painting of the hull;
Branding stickers.
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