• 1C Автоматизация бухгалтерского учета 2.0

<1С Accounting Automation System 2.0>

  MAS 2 Accounting software covers “Accounting Rules for International Accounting Standards”, approved by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It also approved by the plan of three-digit accounts, the Law “On Accounting” of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Using the accounting program MAS 2, the following operations can be performed quickly and accurately.

  1. Adding general information about the organization - including divisions and general information about the company, adding the responsible persons of the organization, creating accounts, determining the accounting policies of the company, adding the initial balance to the accounts.

  2. Bank records - Filling or entering payment instructions, viewing bank statements and conversion.

  3. Cash register - filling out cash or off-balance sheet orders, drawing up advance reports.

  4. Buying an account - filling out a certificate, entering a product or service, adding additional costs, returning purchased goods, VHF, filling in a CCD for import, and so on.

  5. Sale record - Requirement, invoice submitted to the buyer, sale of goods or services, return of goods by the buyer, etc.

  6. Warehouse records - Inventory of goods in warehouses, warehousing of goods, removal of goods, movement of goods in warehouses.

  7. Accounting for production - Filling supplies, purchasing goods and services, step-by-step report, selling finished products, providing production services to external buyers and determining the balance of finished products.

  8. Accounting for land, buildings and equipment - registration of TPA, accounting of TPA, sale of TPA, liquidation of TPA, modernization of TPA and so on.

  9. Accounting for intangible assets - entry in ON, registration ON, disposal ON, sale ON.

  10. Salary accounting - salary calculation for enterprise employees, salary accounting, salary payment at an enterprise, salary transfer from a bank on a given payment order, salary transfer from a cash office to a cashier or an order to issue cash, remuneration of unpaid wages rewards.

  11. Staff recruitment - Automatic receipt of employees for staff recruitment, staff relocation, dismissal of employees at the enterprise, calculation and schedule of vacations, calculation of sick-lists, automatic filling of a personnel card, list of staff schedules and orders, etc.

  12. Accounting at the end of the reporting month - the calculation of depreciation, the revaluation of assets in foreign currency, arrears for future periods, the elimination of production costs and the adjustment of production costs, the determination of the financial result (profit and loss), the calculation of income tax.

  13. Reports - balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit and loss report, detailed report on mutual debts and debtors (suppliers and buyers), sales report, income and expense report, flow report, report on materials and so on.

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1C Автоматизация бухгалтерского учета 2.0

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