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The program is well suited for trading, manufacturing and service companies of small and medium-sized businesses, which employ up to 100-150 employees and require automation of up to 20 jobs.

It implements all the essentials for non-fiscal operational accounting, control, analysis and planning. Depending on the needs of the business owner and the interests of the company, work with the program can begin with the use of limited functionality (for example, paperwork and maintaining a customer base), and as new directions grow (open a retail outlet, start production, etc.), leverage more application features.

The solution helps increase the efficiency of the company by providing owners and managers with a wide range of management tools, and employees with new opportunities for productive work. The solution is not overloaded with unnecessary functionality, it can be easily customized to the features of the organization of management and accounting in the company - this provides the ability to "quick start" and the convenience of daily work.

Please note that the product "1C: Company Management for Azerbaijan" is not intended for accounting and tax accounting. To maintain regulated accounting and reporting, you can use 1C: Accounting 8 for Azerbaijan, to which you can transfer all the necessary information from the 1C: Company Management for Azerbaijan program.

The product is released in the PRO version, which supports the ability to change the application solution by users using the built-in programming tools provided by the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform.

Marketing and sales

"1C: Company Management for Azerbaijan" supports the maintenance of the product range, prices and discounts of the enterprise, sales planning, as well as work with customers and customers.

The program automates operations with the product range:

1. registration and storage of the range of goods and services of the enterprise;

2. registration, storage of various types of stock prices, printing of price lists;

3. registration of types of discounts and margins;

4. setting and changing the price, pricing based on the base price type, nomenclature prices or counterparty prices, rounding.

The program supports:

1. storage of the method of pricing (basic type of prices and percentage mark-up), support for dynamic and settlement prices;

2. storage of the format for the type of prices of the item used when displaying the price in the price list;

3. storage of information about the user who changed the price of the item.

Sales plans can be formed in kind and in value terms and compiled for the enterprise as a whole or for individual units. To analyze the effectiveness of sales, a plan-factual analysis of sales for individual divisions, product groups and goods is formed. Preparation of sales and work with clients in "1C: Company Management for Azerbaijan" is carried out by operations: 1. registration and storage of customer contact information; 2. registration of contracts with customers; 3. registration and storage of the list of contact persons of counterparties and their contact information; 4. registration of events when interacting with buyers and customers - incoming and outgoing calls, letters, meetings, etc.

5. registration of customer orders (the order is actually a specification to the contract, which reflects the types of goods, works, delivery / fulfillment dates, as well as cost);

6. registration of work orders (a work order is at the same time a document for planning work and services, as well as an actual document confirming the fact of work, services, sales of goods, accounting for material and labor costs);

7. Combining customer orders in projects;

8. The formation of a schedule for the shipment of goods, work, services;

meeting the demand for goods, work, services, formed by customer orders by reserving the free balances of goods in warehouses, placing orders in suppliers and / or production orders;

9. tracking the provision of the buyer’s order with goods, products, works and services.

In "1C: Company Management for Azerbaijan" the following sales schemes are supported:

1. sale from stock and on order,

2. shipment on credit or prepaid,

3. the sale of goods accepted for commission,

4. transfer of goods for sale to the commissioner.

Documentation of sales of products, works and services is carried out by waybills or acts of work performed, as well as in orders-orders. Based on sales documents, invoices are generated.

Retail sales

"1C: Company Management for Azerbaijan" can be used in automated and non-automated retail outlets.

The maintenance of quantitative-total or total accounting is supported.

The following reports can be generated:

1. report on movements and balances of goods in retail prices,

2. Report on sales at retail prices.

The formation and printing of labels and price tags is supported.

Procurement and Purchasing

"1C: Company Management for Azerbaijan" provides support for the company's inventory management process.

The supply service is promptly provided with information to determine and ensure internal and external needs for goods and services: on the availability of unsecured needs for inventory, work and services, on actual purchases, on open orders to suppliers and production orders.

The provision of needs is carried out by reservation of goods in the free balance in storage places, as well as by placing in orders to suppliers and in orders for production.

The receipt of inventory at the enterprise can be reflected in various ways:

1. receipt for a fee from the counterparty,

2. acquisition by an accountable person,

3. reception for implementation from a commission agent,

4. receipt of tolling raw materials and materials for processing.

The function of registering the receipt of additional costs for the purchase of inventory is supported.

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1C Management of our company

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